Current Status

The DICE project has reached an end. EFIL as an organisation and the members of the project team have learned a lot about the opportunities and structures of non-formal online learning and we intent to put this into practice. For the time being, we hope to run this course at least once a year, stay tuned for further information. If you would like to run it yourself. All software and contents can be found on our repository. We will try to keep things updated, but be warned: It requires quite some effort to run the course.

What is DICE?

DICE is an online course developed by EFIL and funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. It aims to enhance intercultural competences through e-learning, wherever you are and without traveling.

DICE is not a traditional online course. It is not about reading long texts and checking how well you remember them. Instead, DICE invites you to work in groups with other participants, reflect individually and take action.

What is the mission of DICE?

DICE helps individuals and groups of people develop reflective, constructive and proactive approaches to navigating intercultural situations in their daily lives. This way, DICE contributes to creating more understanding, just and peaceful society.

Who can start the DICE Journey?

Why should YOU start your DICE Journey?

What is the DICE Journey?

Start your DICE Journey

You will become a part of a bigger group of around 20 people, who will start the course at the same time as you. Within the course, we will call them your DICE group. You and your DICE group will start and finish the course at the same time.

Join the first Meeting

Right after registering, you will be invited to your obligatory first Meeting. The Meeting Point is an online meeting for your whole DICE group, during which you will have the chance to meet the group, as well as meet your facilitator for the first time.

You will learn that each DICE group will be followed by several facilitators, who will facilitate different key moments of the DICE course, like the first Meeting Point. They will also be available for you at any point during your Journey.

Go to the Departure Station

Here is where your Journey really starts - from the Departure Station. This is the only obligatory Station on your Journey, and it will allow the whole DICE group to have a common start, shared understanding of key concepts used throughout the course, and a smooth transition into the next step.

Share your Issue

Inspired by the Departure Station, you will be invited to formulate your own Issue, something that you would like to see changed in society, something related to diversity that bothers you. Finding a good Issue might sound difficult now, but don’t worry, you will be guided through this process.

Finding your Issue is one of the key elements of your Journey, because learning in DICE is based on your own experience. You will start by sharing your Issue with the DICE group and will analyze it further throughout the course.

Continue your Journey through 5 Stations

After sharing your Issue, you are invited to continue to the Stations, which are the central part of the DICE course. There are five Stations available to you now, while more are under construction.

Each Station represents a perspective to look at intercultural situations, including your own Issue. There are Stations such as Identity, Power, Inclusion and Discrimination.

Each station consists of four activities of different types:

  • reflective, based on individual reflection;
  • cooperative, based on discussion with someone from your DICE group;
  • go & do, based on taking small action, or including people from outside of the course;
  • bonus, a secret additional activity of any type, open for you to do only after you have done the other three activities from that Station.

Once you join a Station, you are free to choose how many activities you do within in and in which order. You are also free to join several Stations at the same time and do the activities in parallel.

Although you are encouraged to do as many activities as you possibly can, the success of the course does not depend on the number of activities or Stations you went through. It depends on how deeply you choose to engage.

Collect your Badges

As a real traveler, throughout your DICE Journey, you will be able to collect Badges for each Station you have completed. To complete the Station, you need to do all four activities that belong to it. That includes the reflective, cooperative, go & do and the bonus activity. There are also Badges based on the number of activities finished.

Finish at the second Meeting Point

Already from the start, you will know when your Journey ends, and when the second Meeting Point will happen. The second Meeting Point will be an online meeting with your DICE group and it will be the final part of the course. It will serve as a chance to evaluate and share the outcomes of your DICE Journey, and to say goodbye to your fellow travelers.

Start your DICE Journey

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